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The Hebert Arboretum is open from dawn to dusk, seven days a week, all year. Admission is free.

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Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden
The Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden, 1,400 square feet of perennials, was begun in 1999 as a community project involving many volunteers. It contains flowers that specifically attract butterflies and hummingbirds and they can often be found there, during the warmer months, collecting nectar. There is a birdbath in the middle which attracts the many birds that frequent the park, looking for nourishment. Planting considered three seasons with attention to height and color.
Memory Garden
The Memory Garden created to give solace to those who have lost loved ones was designed by Sonia Tynan, a landscaper, in 1998. When Sonia first saw the area, it was filled with bushes and trees, but she had a vision for it. She saw the low hills on two sides as an embracing arm curling around the flat area and felt it was a perfect place for the garden to 'nestle inside the arm of the hills.' Low hedges were planted on the outside of the garden area, with perennials inside and donated memorial benches were placed inside the garden, where visitors may tarry.
The fountain between the two gardens
was a gift to the City of Pittsfield from Hebert Arboretum.
Conifer Garden
Enjoy our beautiful evergreen Conifer Gardens and magnificent views year round.
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